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The core management team from ROI has an extensive background working within the aerospace community.  With quality capabilities including AS9100 certification, and the ability to increase throughput, our aerospace customers are thrilled with our partnerships

A unique commodity industry in which every penny saved is a penny earned.  ROI has assisted its customers with launching new product lines, eliminating waste, and improving first time through quality.

The defense industry in the US has shown a significant increase in business recently, and with that the need to increase capacity and throughput.  ROI has been working with its clients to assist in the layout of new facilities and increasing throughput by eliminating waste.

Working with the automotive OEMs gave ROI a major inroad for growth with OEM part suppliers.  Insuring quality, required throughput and a capable supply chain has proven that a partnership with ROI can turn a great Return On Investment.

The ROI team has a great foundation in the Metro Detroit area, and as such finds much of its roots working with automotive OEMs.  Our focus in this industry has been on product and facility launch, but we have also provided industrial, quality and materials flow engineering.

Heavy equipment manufacturing is going through a period of cost containment and consolidation.  ROI brings tools to eliminate waste, and assist with implementation of lean processes to consolidate multiple facilities into one.

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